Dec 2015


D1 received 2015 BEST VALUE Award from AudioArt Magazine

Taipei, Taiwan–December 31, 2015–COS Engineering http://www.COSengineering.com today announced that its debut product, D1, (http://www.cosengineering.com/products/d1/) received the Best Value Award from the professional audio magazine AudioArt in Taiwan (http://www.audionet.com.tw/a/thread-8095-1-1.html)

Quote from the AudioArt magazine - “The sound articulated by D1 is full of details especially in the high frequency response, and the music lingers in the air suits the audio right in front of the stage. The impressive part of D1 is not how it can depict the soundstage vividly, but to illustrate the quality of sound precisely.”

D1 is a two-in-one unit combining a DAC and a pre-amplifier, and it reconstructs music truthfully to the original recording rather than tweaking sonic performance. It’s available on the market now, and please contact info@COSengineering.com for more information.

About COS Engineering Co., Ltd

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