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七月 2022


欢迎法国朋友 Prestige Audio Difffusion!

Prestige Audio Difffusion, welcome!

A few words from Marc, our friend in France:

Prestige Audio Diffusion was founded in 2013 by Mr. Marc LOUBEAU, and we import & distribute some of the finest brands in France & Monaco, but also in French part of Belgium and French part of Switzerland for many of them. 

We are totally dedicated to hifi / high end audio market ; and we select the greatest products the world has to offer in our market.  Our philosophy is also to propose the best possible customer service. We are located in South of France ; but we have also a permanent representation in Paris. The products of our portfolio are proposed in collaboration with  a dealers network. 

Our dealers partners are carefully selected ; to provide the best possible demonstrations & expertise to end-users. 

For more info please visit:  http://https://www.prestigeaudio-diffusion.fr/.

六月 2022


欢迎义大利朋友 ProAudio Italia!

ProAudio Italia, welcome!

Our friend in Italy has a few words to say:

Operating for over forty years in the Audio Specialist & Professional field, we at ProAudio Italia have decided to capitalize on our consolidated professional experience to bring the best sound possible to the homes of audio enthusiasts.

The brands we distribute are carefully selected to ensure optimal performance in the light of the best value for money.

Our choices are supported by the consensus of the most qualified professionals in the international leading sectorial press.

For more info please visit:  http://https://www.proaudioitalia.it/.

三月 2022


欢迎新加坡朋友 Horizon Acoustics!

Horizon Acoustics, welcome!

A few words from our friend in Singapore:

Music has been a huge part of my life ever since I was a child. Those days of growing up and listening to Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley and Chubby Checkers while watching the world go by left me with a lifelong love affair with music.

These days, my aural pleasures lean towards the smooth sounds of jazz, but one thing has never changed. That is; my belief that enjoying music in itself comes first. And that the best audio equipment brings the experience and enjoyment of listening to music to a whole new level.

I started Horizon Acoustics with a passion and eagerness to share my experience in putting together sound systems that suit every individual’s preference and budget. I believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to the perfect sound system and that’s what sets Horizon Acoustics apart. As much as I love listening to music, I also love listening to customers share their own passion for music and find out what works for them. My favourite part is working with customers to create a sound system that has a touch of their own musical identity.

If you can’t live without music and love amazing sound, I’m sure we’ll have lots to talk about. Contact us to make an appointment.

For more info please visit:  http://https://www.horizonacoustics.com/.

十月 2021


欢迎荷兰朋友 Hexagon Audio!

Hexagon Audio, welcome!

Our friend in Amsterdam has a few words to say:

Hexagon Audio was founded 5 years ago when we started with Swedish brands Lejonklou and Klangedang. Soon after that we got in touch with British loudspeaker manufacteror Graham Audio who is famed for bringing vintage BBC speaker models such as LS3/5A and 5/9 to the market but re-engineering these technically to contemporary times - which is our commercially most succesful brand today.

We try to be different in selecting our brands where both the real music lover and the audiophile purist are being moved by the emotional message that music contains, as that's what true music playback is all about for us - being touched and involved by what the artists have recorded.

One of our latest additions is British manufacteror AVID, known for its perfectionist turntables as the Acutus but also their purist amplifier and speaker range.

To know more about Hexagon Audio, please visit http://https://www.hexagonaudio.eu/.

9月 2021


欢迎希腊朋友 Audio Soul Ultra!

Audio Soul Ultra, welcome!

Our friend in Athens sent a short intro:

Audio Soul and Ultra Audio were founded in 2007 by Mr. Anestis Koulis and Mr. Geroge Kopsaftopoulos, as separate companies with the aim of introducing premium high-end audio brands and first class customer service. Through the years, sharing the same philosophy and aspirations, the two companies became one entity as Audio Soul Ultra distributions company and South Sounds retail store.

During 2020 our company moved to a new location in a bigger autonomous building, closer to the Athens center and only 1,6Km from the Acropolis.

Through the years a dealers network was build along with private customers clientele, both growing until today. But the philosophy of presenting the greatest products the world has to offer in our market with the best possible customer service is still driving Audio Soul Ultra.

For more information, please visit http://www.audiosoulultra.gr and http://www.facebook.com/AudioSoulUltra .

9月 2021


欢迎宜兰朋友 -- 稳力专业音响设计规划。


3月 2021


您使用 Roon 的话, COS D10 是一切就绪。

一月 2021



十一月 2020



11月 2020


2020台北国际音响暨艺术大展,12月17日~20日,我们在台北圆山大饭店209房,展出新产品D10。配合的有VAC iQ200与Wilson Benesch Discovery II,欢迎参观。

12月 2019



十月 2019


墨尔本音响展(The Stereonet HiFi Show),十月18-20日将在澳洲墨尔本Pullman Mecure Hotel展出。即将与您见面的D10会在Mecure Lounge,与Maxmedia代理的杰出产品一起展出,欢迎到场聆听。

8月 2019


洛矶山音响展又快到了。9月6-8日,欢迎莅临Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center 9114房参观指教。

8月 2019


2019 TAA 台湾第29届 国际HI-END音响大展,8月15日~18日,我们在台北圆山大饭店302与234房,欢迎参观。

Dec 2018


D1, D2 与 H1都经Roon测试通过 (Roon Tested)。

Nov 2018


Dou Schroeder谈D1。

Sep 2018


洛矶山音响展快到了,10月5-7日,欢迎莅临Denver Marriott Tech Center 522房参观指教。

Sep 2018



Sep 2018



8月 2018


欢迎Midwest Audio。

We are pleased to announce that laying hands on COS Engineering gears is made easier again through Midwest Audio of Mishawaka, Indiana, USA.

Midwest Audio is a high-end audio dealer dedicated to helping clients achieve the absolute highest fidelity in audio. Its state-of-the-art products offer excellent value.

For more information, please visit http://www.midwestaudiophile.com .

8月 2018



7月 2018


欢迎Sound Decisions Audio。

We are pleased to announce that laying hands on COS Engineering gears is made easier through Sound Decisions Audio of Los Gatos, California.

Sound Decisions Audio started in 2013. Its goal is to offer products of extreme value--superior build quality and sonics at clients’ price points. Sound Decisions Audio enjoys helping clients to assemble systems providing lifetime enjoyment. Personal demos on a non-rushed, one-to-one basis can be arranged by appointment. The phone number is (408) 449-6774.

For more information, please visit http://www.sounddecisionsaudio.net .

5月 2018


Welcome to visit us at Munich High End Show (Hall 1, B03), May 10~13.

3月 2018


Welcome to visit us at AXPONA (room 729, Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center) April 13~15.

2月 2018


Welcome to visit us at Shanghai HiFi++ SIAV 2018 (room 271), April 13~15.

1月 2018


Welcome to visit us at Hamburg audio show (room 1807, Holiday Inn Hotel Hamburg), February 3~4. Ibex Audio will be with us for the debut of D2 and D2V in Europe.

1月 2018


D2 reviewed by HiFi Knights.

12月 2017


D2 reviewed by 6moons.com.

11月 2017


We will be at the NewYork Audio Show (Room 814, Park Lane Hotel). D2V will be presented, along with VERASTARR Cables, VPI Turntables, Pass Labs Amps and PureAudioProject loudspeakers. Please visit us.

11月 2017


We announce with great delight that Mike Powell Audio Design, a professional HiFi consultant and seller in the USA will be representing our products at the New York Show.

2月 2017


D1 and H1 reviewed by Inearspace. D1 received Good Buy award.

12月 2016


H1荣获音响论坛杂志 2017年度器材风云榜 Best Budget奖。

Dec 2016


D1 reviewed by Hifi Pig.

12月 2016



11月 2016


U-Audio音响共和国:专访COS Engineering。

10月 2016


H1 reviewed by Stereo-Head (content in Italian).

9月 2016


H1 received 6moons Blue Moon Award.

9月 2016


H1 reviewed by HiFi Knights.

9月 2016


H1 reviewed by 6moons.com.

12月 2015


D1荣获音响论坛杂志2016年度器材风云榜Best Value奖。

台湾,台北 - 2015年12月31日 – D1荣获台湾专业音响杂志音响论坛2015年度器材风云榜Best Value奖。

1月 2015


可韵精心打造的 DAC / 前级扩大机 - D1 ,荣获发烧器材评鉴网站 6Moons 年度评鉴大奖 Blue Moon Award。

台湾,台北 - 2015年1月29日 – 可韵初试啼声的心血结晶D1,结合了数位类比转换器(DAC)和前级扩大机(Pre-Amplifier)于一体,甫推出即荣获知名发烧器材评鉴网站 6Moons 的年度评鉴大奖 Blue Moon Award 的肯定。(详情请见http://www.6moons.com/archivelibrary/bma2014.html)